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Since my tendonitis/epicondylitis got a bit better, I tried to light a fire under my own ass to finish two long WIPs.

I posted on AO3 excerpts of two longer fics -- one a dS WIP(RayK/Stella, RayK/Sam Franklin, eventual Fraser/Kowalski), and one a TW WIP (Derek/Stiles).

Then I wrote a Teen Wolf/True Detective Derek Hale/Rust Cohle crossover... uh, whoops? But I feel they would understand each other, these two. They have both lost so much, had so much grief.

All are technically unbeta-ed, though the dS WIP has been beta-ed somewhat (thanks Ride_Forever!).

Just Act Normal
Fandoms: due South
Words: 11,588
M/M, F/M
Tags: Sam Franklin/Ray Kowalski, Ray Kowalski/Stella Kowalski,
Rimming, Anal Fingering, Anal Sex, First Time Blow Jobs, Sexual
Confusion, Bisexuality, Infidelity, First Gay Sex, Angst

Summary: Stella was gone. Sam was around. A lot. Ray realized pretty soon that he had a crush on Sam. A terrible, hopeful crush.

This Is What You Do (To Me)
Fandoms: Teen Wolf (TV)
Words: 2,163
Tags: Underage,
Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski
Masturbation, Voyeurism, Self-Denial, Come play

Summary: Derek's surprise visits usually involve shaking Stiles down for research. Anything else is an afterthought (chain-yanking). Stiles is fed up with it. So when he finds Derek in his room again, he shows him the door. Or, rather, window. At least, that was the plan.

Beautiful (Beast)
Fandoms: Teen Wolf (TV), True Detective
Words: 4,465
Tags: Rustin "Rust" Cohle/Derek Hale, Derek Hale, Laura Hale, Rustin
"Rust" Cohle, Blow Jobs, Anal Fingering, Anonymous Sex

Summary: "Show me," Rust murmurs. Derek lets his wolf out a little, just the eyes, the heavy brow, the fangs and sideburns. "Beautiful beast," Rust whispers. He slides down the back of the bathroom door to his knees. When he looks up with glassy eyes, Derek realizes it isn't just Rust kneeling at his feet. It's Rust and someone else. Rust has shifted, in his own way.
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It's just a few hours until True Detective wraps up with its last episode of this season. I am both incredibly excited and apprehensive. I want to know what's going to happen, but the suspense is kind of killing me... and I'm still kind of numb and freaked out about what happened last week.

SPOILERS for episode 7 (and what I'm afraid will happen tonight on episode 8) )
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Ooooookay, carrion birds, the sleaze bag "men of affluence" trail is getting warmer, the possibilities of redemption (or disaster) for everyone down on their luck, and the dark, dark noir... I am THERE.
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Dear Nick Pizzolatto (like you'll ever read this):
I truly was addicted to Season 1 of True Detective. It was hypnotic, fantastically gothic southern noir, and had all sorts of elements (not to mention great acting by the leads and the ensemble cast) that pushed my buttons, plus an amazing soundtrack.

Now we're up to Episode 3 of Season 2. I'm happy the soundtrack is still appropriately foreboding (and thematically similar). I was iffy on the casting up until seeing 2x1. But when I saw 2x1, I was okay with it mainly because all the leads are playing broken, angsty people (<3 <3 <3).

I'm ignoring critics and fan responses to the new season in order to form my own opinion. I have not read a SINGLE professional or fan review or recap of a single Season 2 episode so far (just info on cast). So this is purely my opinion.

Your actors this season were *all* cast against type. You had to know going in, people might have a problem with it (I did, and I'm very willing to suspend disbelief for an ultra-noir show like TD). why it worked in S1 )

But after 2x1, I was with you and with your cast-against-type S2 characters... up until last night, that is. why it isn't working as well in S2 )

I get the intertwining of themes of pollution and environmental degradation in a sunny, beautiful climate with the fertility problems of Frank's and Ray's wives. I get that these hidden toxicities parallel the ingrained, embedded corruption (occasionally shot through with streaks of hopeless attempts at morality) among the ambitious and desperate cops/career criminals/politicians in your beautifully shiny, sleazy, perverse, twisted SoCal noir.

I get that you're saying these categories (cop, criminal, politician) are basically parts of the same inherently immoral patriarchal power structure fighting over finite pieces of a rotten pie. I <3 these themes! It is so great to see deeply cynical noir themes up on my TV screen that aren't my DVDs of classic noir from one or two generations before me, but are lovely postmodern twists.

But, dude. your lead characters say stuff they would never say IRL -- or in eps 2x1 or 2x2, for that matter )

If anyone were to say these words, it would be Detective Bezzarides. She's the one reading Hagakure (The Book of the Samurai) how do I know that? I checked )

And... classic Greek tragedy name? rilly? ) The meta you seem to be going for is a little obvious.

SPOILERY predictions based on canon implications from 2x1 to 2x3 )

The way everyone with something to gain is willing to pimp out colleagues &/or underlings in order to gain it -- whether cop, politician, or organized crime -- is especially well done. It is so matter-of-fact that it indicates just how ingrained and necessary such exploitation is to the essence of patriarchy. I mean, politics, law enforcement, and organized crime are nothing if not utterly patriarchal structures.

But I truly hope for no more jarring, unrealistic dialogue from your lead characters.

Maybe I'm hoping against hope... It throws me right out of the story

And I'm sorry to nitpick because, as with S1, it's such a well done show in so many respects. But some of this nitpicking is because what little is wrong with S2 ruins my suspension of disbelief, and I don't want that. I want to be absorbed, addicted, and hypnotized like I was during S1!
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I'm hopelessly addicted to True Detective, and it's almost over *sob*. I guessed early around 1x01-1x02 (it wasn't difficult) the cause of the rift between Marty and Rust. But when it happened last night in 1x06 (NO SPOILERS) it was still ouch. Hot and fucked up, but, ouch. Read more... )

Comments welcome, and anyone who wants to beta, that would be lovely, as RL keeps me too busy to be a regular on any sites, except as an occasional reader.

Animus Engaged
True Detective, Rust/Maggie, NC-17 (very explicit, but not PWP), spoilers through 1x06

“Let me explain,” she says through the door.

“Why are you here, Maggie?” Rust replies without opening, though he knows why.

He presses his forehead against the door. He doesn't need her explanation. He is drunk, again – still? – still on suspension, still unable to pursue the investigation, can't get to his files. Can't go through Marty. Rust sets his jaw.

“Rust,” she pleads again through the door. “Please. I can explain.”

He doesn't need it, but he'd rather she not say it on his doorstep outside. He opens the door, lets her in, and shuts it behind her. He grabs the vodka bottle and moves to the other side of the room.
Read more... )


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