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So I finally watched Suicide Squad on my HBO-only cable& internet subscription.


Marriage AND babies with the Joker.
THIS is the secret desire of Joker's crazy, lethal, killer stripper gf?

This is the deepest desire with which Enchantress tried to trick her...?


Date: 2017-04-17 09:28 pm (UTC)
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Out all three of the DCEU movies, Suicide Squad was the one that disappointed me the most. Like, marketing aside (tons of terrible movies have had good-to-great trailers), the whole idea of the S Squad (according to the canon as well as the movie) is that the characters were the "worst of the worst". But then, instead of seeing them being villains who then have to team up (so the audience could compare their actual evil deeds vs. being anti-heroes), we get this truncated and overtly long intro AFTER they've been caught. So much telling. SO MUCH, ZOMG!

NGL, I was pulling for this movie. Especially after I saw that their cast was a diverse one (actual Latinx actor playing a Latinx character? Which is the same thing that happened with the Native American character? WHAAA?)

I do think that Margot Robbie did a good job as Harley Queen. It was pretty gross how overtly sexualized her costume was and her most seekrit desire smelled like pure bullshit. TBH, one of the things that pissed me off the most was that (as a way to show the audience how despicable and WRONG the Joker/Harley relationship was), the fact that they were poly was a v. strongly negative aspect of their couplehood. I mean, nevermind the fact that the Joker tortured her until she went insane, you know?

If anything, Harley had super intense chemistry with Deadshot (Will Smith.)

Don't even get me started with the whole Enchantress mess.

That whole movie was a waste of time and, for me, the third chance I gave the DCEU to get me hooked into their 'verse. At this time, I have close to 0 expectations about Wonder Woman and, that, dear V., is the worst possible outcome for me. :(


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