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I am getting to hate Wednesday and Friday nights. I have to go to bed by 9:30/10 (21:30/22:00) so I can get up when it's still fucking dark at 4AM-ish in order to be at the hospital by 6AM for my pediatric nursing clinicals on Thursday and Saturday mornings. rant about early AM clinicals )
/squee/ Egad, I genfic-ed! I wrote VfV V/Evey fic! Not too explicit, but I hope to more explicitly plumb the depths of their dysfunctional relationship in future stories. But first... I feel a HCL/FTWHTWD Joe Dick/Jerry Bines crossover coming on.

Shit. Is it bad that I squee myself?

/sigh/ if I ever thought I'd outgrow this, well, I've been disabused of that notion. All I want to do is finish school, get a job, and work 3 days a week 12 hours per shift so I can write and squee myself more, maybe even four days a week. Right now, school is a most irritating interruption of my fic plans.

wondering if everything I write is porn? )

I had a strange thought earlier today (while I was writing up my pediatric clinical journal for yesterday's clinical, and should not have been thinking about fanfic of any kind) --

A V for Vendetta/The Prisoner crossover where the Rover makes an appearance would be fascinating. That damned Rover scared the shit out of me when I was a kid; it's still creepy to me now! And the mini-fascism of The Village where Number 6 was confined would've been a great V-liberation target. A showdown between V and The Rover would be really surreal, creepy and... weird enough for me to half-seriously consider writing.

Then I thought, Hey, a VfV/Interview With The Vampire crossover would solve the "[sob]why does V have to die!?" problem. As we saw in Interview w/the Vampire with little Claudia (movieverse but I think also in Anne Rice's novels), all one's imperfections are erased and one is not only restored but beautified by becoming a vampire. When you consider the way in which Lestat just wouldn't die despite Claudia's efforts to kill him, in such a crossoververse it would go without saying that V would survive if he just got some vampire blood in him. Then he could be reborn physically: Lestat-ified into Hugo Weaving-ishness. That could be ...pretty fucking cool! Or so I thought to myself.


The Rover...


btw: Pan's Labyrinth and Little Children -- very, very good films. Nothing like each other, but both very good.
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Voila: my very first VfV fic (though fortunately not my first fanfic). I am extremely grateful to blucrowlaughing for beta-ing.

Fandom: V for Vendetta
Title: Aural
Pairing: V/Evey
Rating: R. Possibly NC-17.
Length: < 1900 words, ~5 pages.
Summary: Not sexual so much as sensual.

Excerpt: Into this world, the young Evey Hammond entered. Into V’s melodious, fascinating world of objects, art, music, and books – where he could navigate with his eyes closed, where he knew every normal sound that the Shadow Gallery made, day or night.

And Evey made noise.

Aural )
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The descriptions of the healing of his burns and present condition of V's scars I created based on two sources:

  • Lewis, Heitkemper, and Dirksen's Medical-Surgical Nursing, 6th Edition - Assessment and Management of Clinical Problems (my textbook for NUR221 Medical-Surgical Nursing IV)
  • the personal experiences of a friend of a friend who was burned at the age of 6 and is scarred from her thighs to her shoulders.

Of course there's poetic license, but any/all inaccuracies are naturally mine.


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