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I am totally lame for not posting -- hardly ever -- in, like, the last 2 years? argh. In my defense (to myself), I was in school up until last May, then over the summer dealing with a new job (that doesn't suck! except getting up at 4:30-5am kinda sucks) plus one of my old jobs...Read more... )

But I *have* been writing fanfic, yay! In fits and starts with nothing complete, boo. :-\ My WIPs are mostly Vampire Diaries (some slashy o'course, but I got a few multi S/D/E WIPs, too, because that S/E/K triangle: such potential for angsty hotness or hot angst!). Plus my ever-unfinished DS/FTWHTWD xover (probably a RIP rather than WIP, now, sigh) and a couple of DS slash stories (F/K), too.

Anyway, starting to write again is why I have to vent right now about last night's Vampire Diaries ep 4x4 "The Five".

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I really, really hope TVD gets better as the season progresses. Until it does, I'll be seeking the real show online, in fanfic. Apparently only fanfic authors care enough about the characters to do them justice.
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Well, as lame as it may be, I've started watching Blood Ties. I never thought I'd watch anything on Lifetime "television for women" but it's about an ex-cop female P.I. who's friends with a 480 yr old forever-young vampire hottie (who ever thought that this particular type of vampire-human relationship would become a cliche? And yet it is.) She's got unresolved feelings for her male ex-partner who's now a detective, as well as for the vamp. So, M-F-M love triangle possibilities (and 3some fanfic possibilities, I suppose). It's extremely cheesy, not nearly as well-written as BTVS or Angel. I'm afraid Blood Ties fanfic would be better written than the show. I prefer things the other way around -- a show so well-written, the fanfic has to strive to reach that level of quality. But oh well. At least Blood Ties is shot in Toronto with a bunch of Canadian actors. And I like Christina Cox.

I'm stuck in my Joe Dick/Jerry Bines story. Worked on it this past weekend, but I'm stuck how to get them together. Joe's motivation is no problem, but why would Bines let Joe? In the FTWHTWD novel, Bines nearly killed a guy (or maybe did kill him) for trying to rape him in prison. Dunno how faithful I should be to that -- it's not in the FTWHTWD movie with CKR. Maybe I could write it so Jerry had one long-term m/m relationship in prison, instead of raped or being raped. I sure can't see him being passed around as one of the prison bitches -- not Bines. In the novel & movie, too many people are afraid of him and he's feared as a killer. Maybe Bines got into guys from something like the "families" in the prison rape documentary Turned Out. 'Cept if Bines were in a "family", I can only picture him as the head of the family, not one of the harem seeking protection. I can see him as a benign head of family. Maybe he'd only make a guy suck his cock once, then not fuck the guy unless the guy wanted to. Except how would I explain all that back story, when Bines is so non-talkative, and the story is from Joe's POV? Maybe he tells Joe about it when they get it on.

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Oh, and one of my nursing instructors helped me revise my resume. And told me that my HESI score virtually guarantees I'll pass the NCLEX-RN on the first try. Yay.
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I am getting to hate Wednesday and Friday nights. I have to go to bed by 9:30/10 (21:30/22:00) so I can get up when it's still fucking dark at 4AM-ish in order to be at the hospital by 6AM for my pediatric nursing clinicals on Thursday and Saturday mornings. rant about early AM clinicals )
/squee/ Egad, I genfic-ed! I wrote VfV V/Evey fic! Not too explicit, but I hope to more explicitly plumb the depths of their dysfunctional relationship in future stories. But first... I feel a HCL/FTWHTWD Joe Dick/Jerry Bines crossover coming on.

Shit. Is it bad that I squee myself?

/sigh/ if I ever thought I'd outgrow this, well, I've been disabused of that notion. All I want to do is finish school, get a job, and work 3 days a week 12 hours per shift so I can write and squee myself more, maybe even four days a week. Right now, school is a most irritating interruption of my fic plans.

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I had a strange thought earlier today (while I was writing up my pediatric clinical journal for yesterday's clinical, and should not have been thinking about fanfic of any kind) --

A V for Vendetta/The Prisoner crossover where the Rover makes an appearance would be fascinating. That damned Rover scared the shit out of me when I was a kid; it's still creepy to me now! And the mini-fascism of The Village where Number 6 was confined would've been a great V-liberation target. A showdown between V and The Rover would be really surreal, creepy and... weird enough for me to half-seriously consider writing.

Then I thought, Hey, a VfV/Interview With The Vampire crossover would solve the "[sob]why does V have to die!?" problem. As we saw in Interview w/the Vampire with little Claudia (movieverse but I think also in Anne Rice's novels), all one's imperfections are erased and one is not only restored but beautified by becoming a vampire. When you consider the way in which Lestat just wouldn't die despite Claudia's efforts to kill him, in such a crossoververse it would go without saying that V would survive if he just got some vampire blood in him. Then he could be reborn physically: Lestat-ified into Hugo Weaving-ishness. That could be ...pretty fucking cool! Or so I thought to myself.


The Rover...


btw: Pan's Labyrinth and Little Children -- very, very good films. Nothing like each other, but both very good.


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