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My tendinitis continues. It's been -- I've lost track -- 5 weeks I think. things that bring only symptomatic relief )

Got a massage & acupuncture yesterday after work. It gave me the first 100% relief I've had in over a month. It's back today but not as bad. Most of this has been copied and pasted from speech to text on my phone using my left hand only. It's not perfect but it helps.

I honestly can't wait for freezing weather to come. The older I get, the happier I am when it's cold. why - and it's not just perimenopause )

Now that the clocks have changed, SAD is hitting me big time. On the plus side, last year Costco had SAD lamps on sale; I got one. symptoms )

I'm watching S3 of Hemlock Grove and... can't get into it. What happened? not sure anything would help )

iZombie S2, however, I am loving. I caught up with S1 on Netflix. I get some of the same feels from iZombie I used to get from Veronica Mars (the series). I love the score/whoever scores it; I think it's the same person... at least, it is a similar sound -- the scoring/soundtrack for VM was atmospheric and spot-on. Plus I just love the characters. I never really thought I'd dig a zombie show but here's why I do )

The premiere of S4 of Elementary was... well, it wasn't terrible. on the fence of meh+minor spoiler but I think it was previewed in trailers for S4 )

Bojack Horseman is a *weird* show, but pretty damn funny. It's animated, sort of like Bob's Burgers crossed with Dirt (the only show I ever truly loved Courtney Cox on). gonna keep watching )
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Prefacing this with: yes, I do live under a rock wrt the Internet. tendinitis and work restrictions curtail my online activities 10+ yrs now )This is not necessarily a bad thing. It just is what it is.

I've noticed this gay-looking visual trend among mainstream male stars in TV/movies growing over the years & wondered where it came from & how conscious it is (ie, w/actors' knowledge/permission?). Turns out, totally conscious/intentional these days. But I didn't see this THR article (or the ONTD that linked it) until today.

Feeling fairly smug about noticing this stuff in near total hype-isolation -- being validated by mainstream entertainment press.

Introducing the Stromo! Why Straight Male Stars are Going Gay(ish)
Channing Tatum, Nick Jonas, Chris Hemsworth and others have moved beyond metrosexual. Think of these stars as "straight" plus "homo" — modern, lady-loving male actors who amp up their appeal to gay audiences for pride and profit.

As a long time consumer of straight and gay porn, I wonder if "stromo" actors realize the visual aesthetics they're pursuing began in gay porn a long time ago -- and if that would change their minds. Probably not. All money, even gay money, is green. Progress... right?\o?

why 'stromo' doesn't seem like the right word )

In other news -- I'm almost all caught up with TW. Haven't seen the last 2 eps (including mid-season finale of S5) yet; I'll get to 'em (they're not on Hulu yet). While binge-watching, I kept seeing "Russell Mulcahy" in TW opening credits. I knew the name was familiar but couldn't place it, so I Googled him.

He's a former producer/director of US Queer As Folk. Which explains so much about the twink porn-y visual aesthetics of TW. totally called that; it wasn't just cougar-ish hormones, yay! )

Sadly, Teen Wolf S4-S5 kind of just suck. It's pretty much what happened on The Vampire Diaries, so I'm not surprised... these supernatural-high-school-kid shows with teen demographics all follow the same formulas. Sigh.

In other happy news, the 3rd (and last) season of Hemlock Grove will premiere on Netflix October 23. Now there is a supernatural-high-schoolers show with werewolves and vampires that I can enjoy for more than just the eye candy (though that's there, lol).

Part of why it's so great? it's Netflix -- plus it's not aimed at a teen demographic or at least not exclusively -- plus Famke Jannsen, Lily Taylor, Kandyse McClure )
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I hate you. Fuck you very much. (And your pal Migraine, too.)

I'd go on, but I can't, thanks to you.

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