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Since my tendonitis/epicondylitis got a bit better, I tried to light a fire under my own ass to finish two long WIPs.

I posted on AO3 excerpts of two longer fics -- one a dS WIP(RayK/Stella, RayK/Sam Franklin, eventual Fraser/Kowalski), and one a TW WIP (Derek/Stiles).

Then I wrote a Teen Wolf/True Detective Derek Hale/Rust Cohle crossover... uh, whoops? But I feel they would understand each other, these two. They have both lost so much, had so much grief.

All are technically unbeta-ed, though the dS WIP has been beta-ed somewhat (thanks Ride_Forever!).

Just Act Normal
Fandoms: due South
Words: 11,588
M/M, F/M
Tags: Sam Franklin/Ray Kowalski, Ray Kowalski/Stella Kowalski,
Rimming, Anal Fingering, Anal Sex, First Time Blow Jobs, Sexual
Confusion, Bisexuality, Infidelity, First Gay Sex, Angst

Summary: Stella was gone. Sam was around. A lot. Ray realized pretty soon that he had a crush on Sam. A terrible, hopeful crush.

This Is What You Do (To Me)
Fandoms: Teen Wolf (TV)
Words: 2,163
Tags: Underage,
Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski
Masturbation, Voyeurism, Self-Denial, Come play

Summary: Derek's surprise visits usually involve shaking Stiles down for research. Anything else is an afterthought (chain-yanking). Stiles is fed up with it. So when he finds Derek in his room again, he shows him the door. Or, rather, window. At least, that was the plan.

Beautiful (Beast)
Fandoms: Teen Wolf (TV), True Detective
Words: 4,465
Tags: Rustin "Rust" Cohle/Derek Hale, Derek Hale, Laura Hale, Rustin
"Rust" Cohle, Blow Jobs, Anal Fingering, Anonymous Sex

Summary: "Show me," Rust murmurs. Derek lets his wolf out a little, just the eyes, the heavy brow, the fangs and sideburns. "Beautiful beast," Rust whispers. He slides down the back of the bathroom door to his knees. When he looks up with glassy eyes, Derek realizes it isn't just Rust kneeling at his feet. It's Rust and someone else. Rust has shifted, in his own way.
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Prefacing this with: yes, I do live under a rock wrt the Internet. tendinitis and work restrictions curtail my online activities 10+ yrs now )This is not necessarily a bad thing. It just is what it is.

I've noticed this gay-looking visual trend among mainstream male stars in TV/movies growing over the years & wondered where it came from & how conscious it is (ie, w/actors' knowledge/permission?). Turns out, totally conscious/intentional these days. But I didn't see this THR article (or the ONTD that linked it) until today.

Feeling fairly smug about noticing this stuff in near total hype-isolation -- being validated by mainstream entertainment press.

Introducing the Stromo! Why Straight Male Stars are Going Gay(ish)
Channing Tatum, Nick Jonas, Chris Hemsworth and others have moved beyond metrosexual. Think of these stars as "straight" plus "homo" — modern, lady-loving male actors who amp up their appeal to gay audiences for pride and profit.

As a long time consumer of straight and gay porn, I wonder if "stromo" actors realize the visual aesthetics they're pursuing began in gay porn a long time ago -- and if that would change their minds. Probably not. All money, even gay money, is green. Progress... right?\o?

why 'stromo' doesn't seem like the right word )

In other news -- I'm almost all caught up with TW. Haven't seen the last 2 eps (including mid-season finale of S5) yet; I'll get to 'em (they're not on Hulu yet). While binge-watching, I kept seeing "Russell Mulcahy" in TW opening credits. I knew the name was familiar but couldn't place it, so I Googled him.

He's a former producer/director of US Queer As Folk. Which explains so much about the twink porn-y visual aesthetics of TW. totally called that; it wasn't just cougar-ish hormones, yay! )

Sadly, Teen Wolf S4-S5 kind of just suck. It's pretty much what happened on The Vampire Diaries, so I'm not surprised... these supernatural-high-school-kid shows with teen demographics all follow the same formulas. Sigh.

In other happy news, the 3rd (and last) season of Hemlock Grove will premiere on Netflix October 23. Now there is a supernatural-high-schoolers show with werewolves and vampires that I can enjoy for more than just the eye candy (though that's there, lol).

Part of why it's so great? it's Netflix -- plus it's not aimed at a teen demographic or at least not exclusively -- plus Famke Jannsen, Lily Taylor, Kandyse McClure )
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So like a month and a half ago I started binge-watching Teen Wolf, which I had never seen before because I haven't had cable TV in forever. It was in my Amazon Prime video queue for like over a year; I merely waited because my first choice supernatural creature is vampires, not werewolves.

First few episodes hooked me, especially when the Derek/Stiles interaction began. What chemistry! Sadly, this may be the fastest I got into and then got disillusioned with a show ever (yay, streaming video and binge-watching? \o?). what the hell happened post-S3? and why I continued to watch: Stiles... and his hands and forearms )

So I went on AO3 to find Derek/Stiles fic and there are over 37,000 Derek/Stiles fics. stunned, I hunted for recs and found a sweet, hot story so good it ruined me for most Derek/Stiles fic by setting the bar pretty damn high. )

Despite the turns canonical TW take in S4 (apparently there's no Hoechlin in S5, wtf?), there's a happy place in my brain where slashy canonical moments in slashy shows live forever and create their own world (an AU HBO explicit slash world). It's not just my brain, of course; it's a collective happy place, which is what is so awesome about fandom in general. \o/

So of course I had to contribute to that world... I ficced Derek/Stiles. *facepalm* Like I need a new fandom of manboys so young they could literally be my kids. in which I have a new sympathy for old guys who helplessly lust after young women because apparently I'm a cougar-wannabe? )

Anyway the fic is Derek/Stiles, it's a little angsty, it's Stiles' POV, it's a first time (first everything), it's a zero-to-120mph in two seconds (well, one night) hella explicit story. further details on the fic, like sort of PWP but not really-ish )

Of course I feel guilty because I have a dS WIP that I've had for literally a year, and I'm stuck/writer's blocked on it, and should be working on that... and here I fic in a totally new fandom instead. Sigh!

FWIW my fic is The Devil You Know
...and here's a little excerpt/summary:

"So," Derek says like it's utterly obvious. (It's not, it's totally not). It's hard to know how to take someone you can't really read. Derek's tongue licks between Stiles' lips like all of this was never in question. (Was it? No, not really, because: Derek).

Now if only TPTB would allow the shaved/waxed hairless TW men and boys to either grow or show their chest hair. why must they all be hairless or hide their chest hair? is it the teen girl demographic or the gay aesthetic? )


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