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I'd hate to jinx myself but... after a month and a half of seeing a naprapath and following her exercise and nutrition regimen (mostly), I am starting to see some results. (The chiropractor has helped, too, as the shooting pain alternating with numbness/tingling that goes down my R forearm is probably, as he suggested, at least neck-vertebrae-nerve related (if not wholly to blame, which is his hypothesis, but I'm going to go with "major contributory factor").

I kind of thought the naprapath was, well, overselling the fruit-veg smoothie thing. Not that I thought she was lying, I just thought "It can't be THAT much of a difference, and I already eat those foods, anyway!") What can I say, I'm a skeptic at heart.

The idea that I'd have a spare $400 laying around to buy a Vitamix just for fruit/veg smoothies (when I'm still paying off radiology, doctor visits, and PT from December when I had shitty market place insurance with a $5000 deductible) was a no-go.

But I lucked into a "personal drink mixer" for $14.99 on sale while it was a temporary offering at my local Aldi's, put in my path by the universe/God/whatever about 1.5 weeks after she said I ought to start doing this and I investigated the cost of Vitamix, Ninja and the other one, and was like, "There's no way, not with the bills from December and the new bills from January/February."
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But after 2 weeks of daily organic kale/mango or kale/mixed cherries, I felt so. much. BETTER. it was actually shocking how much better I felt. My mood improved a lot, which surprised the hell out of me. I was just hoping for a decrease in pain/inflammation. And I really didn't understand why the organic kale/spinach and avocados weren't doing the trick when I was eating them almost daily in salads. Apparently, blending the hell out of them into a smoothie and then drinking them helps you get more out of them! Who knew? Not me... not until recently.

I still haven't added the protein powder, but just the fruit/veg (and turmeric and Emergen-C) smoothies daily, combined with naprapathic manipulation every 2 weeks and weekly (or every 2 week) chiropractor visits has reduced the shooting pain &/or tingling/numbness from 15-20 x day to 2-5 x a day.

So excited! I actually have the energy to take the dog on long walks after I get home from work now, instead of just a 5 minute walk and then collapse on the couch after we get back (followed by letting him out on a 20' lead from my front porch).
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It does not escape me that I, a Registered Nurse and representative of modern western conventional medicine, have been helped far more by "alternative medicine" than by conventional medicine.

OTOH, my new insurance through work with the lower deductible ($1,400 rather than $5,000 -- or the $6,000 my shitty marketplace plan was moving to) does not pay for "alternative medicine," so it's taking kind of a large chunk of money out of my life. But I don't go out much, and when I do, it's usually over to someone else's house or having them over to mine (less often), so it's not like I can't swing it, for the most part.

So this is what I make in the morning, EVERY morning:

fill personal drink cup with 1/2 organic baby kale OR organic baby spinach
fill with 1/2 organic defrosted frozen mango/mixed organic cherries
dump in 1 envelope of orange or berry flavored Emergen-C
add 1 teaspoon organic turmeric
fill 2/3 to 3/4 with unsweetened almond milk

I add no sweetener (the Emergen-C is sweetened -- it *says* with "fructose" but I'm not sure if that's really fructorse or HFCS (since food makers are now allowed to call HFCS "fructose")).

Sometimes I'll mix the mangoes and cherries together. Sometimes I'll use a banana or apple instead. Occasionally I've used celery instead of kale or spinach, just for variety and celery is supposed to be anti-inflammatory, too.

Every day, day by day, it's been helping.

Even if I'm only at 55-65% of my functioning -- hey, I was only at about 25-35% function two months ago, constantly in pain, and with no energy, barely able to drag myself to work and drag myself home. I had practically stopped socializing (except for phone convos, texting, and email).

This is so much better.

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If being sick with upper respiratory infection for weeks hasn't been enough, the tendonitis which seemed to be getting better has now morphed into numbness and tingling that shoots down my right arm to thumb and index finger.

I keep thinking of the things I'll never do because of it and because it keeps coming back.

I will never write seriously. I probably never would have, given that fanfic dominated my creative output. But the possibility was at least out there ...before tendonitis.

I can never go back to playing music. I miss it so much sometimes (I didn't love playing violin, but I loved playing the piano) and violin skills translate to guitar, which I taught myself a little of... before tendonitis.

I can never go back to electronic art or even modern video editing (my first bachelors was a BFA in film/video and electronic media). I simply can't do all the mousing and keyboard work and knob twiddling necessary.

I will never be free of this weakness, this vulnerability that hampers all my creative outlets, the ones I love most. I feel I'm crippled for life. Every time I over do it, I am crippled by pain and dysfunction for weeks or months.

Professionally, I can never move up into management. I probably wouldn't have anyway (doesn't fit my personality) but the computer work (QA, data analysis, email) is impossible for me now.

They just offered me my boss' position (she's stepping down) and I will clearly have to decline. I probably would have anyway, but I would have liked to decline because I wanted to decline -- not because I physically can't do the work required.

I suppose I should thank my lucky stars that I can still start IVs on patients, as that is not a pain free activity for me, but it at least doesn't leave my arm aching the way the necessary computer charting does.

Speech to text helps a bit but is still so imperfect it requires a lot of correction which just strains my arm more. I can't imagine writing an entire novel-length work with speech to text. It would be as much work correcting the speech written text as it would typing the entire thing out.

If I owe you replies or messages, this is why. I'm only posting this because I'm already in so much pain it won't make much difference and I'm enraged and depressed at my fate.

Goddamnit. I hate this.
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My tendinitis continues. It's been -- I've lost track -- 5 weeks I think. things that bring only symptomatic relief )

Got a massage & acupuncture yesterday after work. It gave me the first 100% relief I've had in over a month. It's back today but not as bad. Most of this has been copied and pasted from speech to text on my phone using my left hand only. It's not perfect but it helps.

I honestly can't wait for freezing weather to come. The older I get, the happier I am when it's cold. why - and it's not just perimenopause )

Now that the clocks have changed, SAD is hitting me big time. On the plus side, last year Costco had SAD lamps on sale; I got one. symptoms )

I'm watching S3 of Hemlock Grove and... can't get into it. What happened? not sure anything would help )

iZombie S2, however, I am loving. I caught up with S1 on Netflix. I get some of the same feels from iZombie I used to get from Veronica Mars (the series). I love the score/whoever scores it; I think it's the same person... at least, it is a similar sound -- the scoring/soundtrack for VM was atmospheric and spot-on. Plus I just love the characters. I never really thought I'd dig a zombie show but here's why I do )

The premiere of S4 of Elementary was... well, it wasn't terrible. on the fence of meh+minor spoiler but I think it was previewed in trailers for S4 )

Bojack Horseman is a *weird* show, but pretty damn funny. It's animated, sort of like Bob's Burgers crossed with Dirt (the only show I ever truly loved Courtney Cox on). gonna keep watching )
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I hate you. Fuck you very much. (And your pal Migraine, too.)

I'd go on, but I can't, thanks to you.

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I am SOOOOOOOOO glad finals are over. (And Brokeback Mountain opens tomorrow here in Chicago!!!) If it had been any other classes, I'd have had all As... Read more... )


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