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I added a couple SGA stories recced by rydra-wong , who wandered into the comments of my earlier post requesting recs of pegfics. So, voila -- more pegfic added to the collection. Yay!

That is all.
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All I can say is my Essentials of Pediatrics Nursing textbook is an unbelievable snoozefest.vent about dry academic prose )

So (of course!), since that was so frakkin' boring, I started thinking about pegfic. Because, ONE DUE SOUTH PEGFIC? wtf?! I mean, if anything rivals Fraser/RayK in heat, it would have to be the Rays or Fraser getting pegged. At the very least, we need more RayK/Stella pegging fic. The one DS pegfic I have on my Pegfic Mothership is so lonely there, all by itself, surrounded by six BtVS pegfics, three BSG pegfics, and numerous RPFs...

So I thought about pegfic pairings. (Assume F-->M, but I'll entertain deviations because, well, how could I not?)

Due South: virtually any F-->RayK. (Canonically, he did say, "I'll try anything.") and, hello! Meg Thatcher?! State's Attorney Louise-->RayV? And surely Fraser, RayV, and even Welsh are begging for pegging. And what about Fraser's half-sister Maggie? I wonder about her. She could peg RayK, too.

PotC: The term pegging came from pirates and their pegboys! Obviously, Elizabeth must peg Capt. Jack. Sure, she can peg Will -- and Norrington deserves to be pegged. But if any of them is swishing around asking to be pegged, it's definitely Jack Sparrow!

CSI (LV) -- Strong women who can peg (Catherine, Sara... Lady Heather...) and pretty men who need pegging: Grissom, Nick, Warrick, Greg (and Greg is quite the little fetishboy, anyway, in't he?)

V for Vendetta: Evey-->V (may be regarded as heretical... or inspired...)

Coupling: any of the guys. All of them!

Star Wars: isn't it obvious? Leia-->Han Solo ...or -->Lando, even -->Luke if you can get past the incest squick there. And (earlier) Amidala-->Anakin, because he definitely needs it. And someone should peg Obi-Wan, because it's Ewan McGregor, fer chrissakes!

XF: You know Scully-->Mulder. And probably Scully-->Skinner. Or some bdsm Scully-->Krycek!

BSG: (1) There should be more Kara-->Leoben. More. MORE. (B) Hello, "Unfinished Business"! Kara-->Lee, Kara-->Anders... Boomer-->?? (who should she pick?) and why the hell not Pres.Laura-->Cmdr. Adama?! They looked pretty cozy in the flashbacks...

Deadwood: obviously Swearingen -- the man already had a hooker fingering him; pegging can't be far behind. But Bullock, oh, Bullock! and sweet Sol, too. Alma's not going to be up for this... but Trixie would. Joanie too.

Dr. Who: the (10th) Dr. should be pegged. Often. Perhaps a peg-of-the-week guest actress? Because you'd have to keep that unresolved pegging tension between the Dr. and his companion Rose... right? (ducks)

Veronica Mars: Veronica pegs, of course... maybe Mac would, too. Logan -- he needs to be pegged. (I could never get into Duncan.) Logan's already madly in love with her, plus he told Veronica "I didn't think it was possible to make you more butch" after he took her to the Clint Eastwood movie marathon. And Weevil must be pegged. Do not talk to me about Dick and Beaver. Dick was always evil, and Beav turned out to be evil, so... no pegging for them. No.

Other movies/shows/RPFs, in no particular order -- well, you could pretty much peg any of the following actors or characters and I'd love it:more characters/actors to peg )
Ok, you know it's bad when your last four ideas came from David Cronenberg films.

I really must go to bed. But... happy thoughts of pegfic. Yay.
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This will seem weird, but if LJ isn't made for weird, then I don't know what is. I was browsing through the porn battle site by fandom, and thought I'd check out a BSG Leoben/Leoben story by sageness. Suddenly, out of nowhere in the midst of the slash, a strap-on appears, increasing the steamy-hotness by another few hundred degrees.
more pegfic thoughts )

ETA (1/17/07 23:43): Okay, the Pegfic list is up... Thirty-one pegfics and counting!

I make no guarantees as to the accuracy of descriptions, tags, etc. -- I could not possibly read all the pegfic people linked in one day (but that would be one helluva fun day!). And I'm still learning, too. :P So use at your own risk.

And please rec more F-->M pegfic -- dildos (dildoes? sp?) and vibrators count in my pegworld (wtf?!), it doesn't need to be just strap-ons. I should have read my damned pediatric nursing text tonight and instead I collected pegfic links... And got a cajillion ideas for pegfic I'll never have time to write! \o/ Perhaps drabbles. I've got time for drabbles... Yeah...
old links, now incorporated into the page above )


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