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My tendinitis continues. It's been -- I've lost track -- 5 weeks I think. things that bring only symptomatic relief )

Got a massage & acupuncture yesterday after work. It gave me the first 100% relief I've had in over a month. It's back today but not as bad. Most of this has been copied and pasted from speech to text on my phone using my left hand only. It's not perfect but it helps.

I honestly can't wait for freezing weather to come. The older I get, the happier I am when it's cold. why - and it's not just perimenopause )

Now that the clocks have changed, SAD is hitting me big time. On the plus side, last year Costco had SAD lamps on sale; I got one. symptoms )

I'm watching S3 of Hemlock Grove and... can't get into it. What happened? not sure anything would help )

iZombie S2, however, I am loving. I caught up with S1 on Netflix. I get some of the same feels from iZombie I used to get from Veronica Mars (the series). I love the score/whoever scores it; I think it's the same person... at least, it is a similar sound -- the scoring/soundtrack for VM was atmospheric and spot-on. Plus I just love the characters. I never really thought I'd dig a zombie show but here's why I do )

The premiere of S4 of Elementary was... well, it wasn't terrible. on the fence of meh+minor spoiler but I think it was previewed in trailers for S4 )

Bojack Horseman is a *weird* show, but pretty damn funny. It's animated, sort of like Bob's Burgers crossed with Dirt (the only show I ever truly loved Courtney Cox on). gonna keep watching )
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K, so last weekend while running an inexplicable fever (sinus/cold related, apparently) I completed bingewatching iZombie now that S1 is on Netflix.

I love it! It has the smarts, running musings and sassy chick of Veronica Mars, plus zombies. (Not my favorite horror trope -- I've yet to watch an episode of The Walking Dead.) There's also David Anders (whose ambiguous sexual presence has always made him kind of sexy, if creepy, in his villainous roles). And a sexy east Indian newcomer, Rahul Kohli, whose facial hair makes me wonder what he can do with it and just where it should be applied, lol.

Since it is filmed in BC, it had several old dS/C6D alum (from BSG and DVI) pop up in S1, yay. Most recently, however, in tonight's ep (S2E03), I could have sworn I saw Anne Marie Deluise nee Loder! Yes, the former Stella Kowalski on dS!

I have yet to confirm this (details of S2E03 aren't yet available on or Wikipedia), but I'm not done watching yet (and I hate rewinding on Hulu because then I get the commercials again, and I'm too cheap to pay the extra $$ for commercial free).

Will double check and update this post if/when it's confirmed.

But I really like iZombi. They even threw in a reference to one of producer/co-creator Rob Thomas's YA books (the astronaut from RATS Saw GOD). So I'm really enjoying iZombie and all of that sassy girl snark and snappy dialogue that made Veronica Mars crackle. So much that I would've watched it tonight when broadcast, if it hadn't been preempted on the local WGN/CW station by a Bulls game. A Bulls exhibition game.

What was the point of that?? The entire city (except for me) was watching the Cubs game. (If I'm a fan of baseball at all, it's of a. the form-fitting uniforms and the baseball athlete body, and b. the Chicago White Sox.) Whatevs (she said, rambling.) It's on Hulu now so I'm watching it. They low-censused me for work tomorrow so I can stay up late and drink beer on the couch with my dog and cats and this has been posted via email using Speech To Text on my phone, courtesy of an ongoing tendinitis flare-up.

And btw, fuck you, tendinitis, you suck pigsty hog balls.


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