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I actually began this in 2013. I worked on it more in 2014. It sat on my hard drive/cloud space since, and I periodically tweaked it over the years. I kept meaning to submit it to
for an amnesty prompt, and kept forgetting. Remembered just the other day, July is an amnesty month over on, so I can post it! Yay.

~ ~ ~

TITLE: Ground Rules
AUTHOR: verushka70
FANDOM: Heat (1995)
PAIRING: Vincent Hanna/Neil McCauley
GENRE: Slash
PROMPT: Amnesty -- Promptathon 05: love & hate, ?. ?/?. Special chemistry
RATING: Explicit
SUMMARY:Vincent glances over his shoulder once as he pisses. He meets Neil's eyes in the mirror over the sinks. When he does, he sees it in Neil's eyes. He will know when the time is right. There will be some sign from Neil. Vincent can feel it.
WARNINGS:(Canonical) presence of guns and ammo, which are not used for violence in the story.
TAGS: Alternate Universe, Enemies to Lovers, First Time, Fix-It, Missing Scene
DISCLAIMER: This is fair use.
NOTES:Possibly our most iconic (and hottest) Italian-American actors, in the same movie, with an actual scene together (unlike The Godfather), with some lovely, subtle enemy slash? I was so there.

Ground Rules at AO3.
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Recently, Ride_4ever reminded me that a past dS fic (on a 10-year-old LJ comm related to DS_Match), "I'm here...", wasn't up on AO3. So I imported it to AO3.

Rating: Mature
Category: M/M
Fandom: due South
Relationship: Benton Fraser/Ray Kowalski
Additional Tags: Touching, Angst with a Happy Ending
Originally published: 2007-11-18 (backdated)
Words: 4698
Title: I'm here. You're here. They're gone.


Ray shakes his head, closing his eyes, as if to say he has the patience of a saint but he won't forever.

"Frase -- stop -- don't apologize." He clenches his jaw, unclenches his jaw, runs a hand through his hair and opens his eyes to stare moodily at Fraser. "Get in here."

Story at AO3
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I posted some mostly low wordage fics to AO3 in March. Though completed/posted in March, they were not necessarily written this month; some were in the works for a while. I'm indebted to Tarlan for beta-ing the Moonlight fics and to Ride_4ever for both beta-ing the Longmire fics and coming up with the ficlet series title.

We also dedicated the Longmire ficlets to Zen because Zen turned Ride on to Longmire, and Ride turned me onto Longmire -- so my Longmire fics truly would not exist without Zen, and I would've missed all the wonderful older_not_dead slash on Longmire.

I chose not to use archive warnings on the Longmire teen slash. Stories are tagged/rated appropriately. here be ficlets )

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So I ficced some more in January... I'm trying to hang on to that momentum.

~ ~ ~

(Not Quite) Roughing It (on AO3)
Fandoms: Longmire (TV)

Slash - Walt Longmire/Henry Standing Bear
Characters - Walt Longmire, Henry Standing Bear, The Ferg (Longmire), Victoria "Vic" Moretti,
Tags - Affection, Nature, Camping

Teen And Up Audiences, No Warnings Apply

Summary: They stare into the fire, tucked snugly against each other despite layers and jackets. Their arms tighten around each other. Henry looks up at the inky, moonless sky, millions of bright stars hemmed in only by the dark silhouettes of the tree tops around them and the mountains beyond.

Words: 2,549

(Not Quite) Roughing It (on AO3)
Fandoms: Longmire (TV)

~ ~ ~

A Suitable Alternative by verushka70
Fandoms: due South
Slash - Benton Fraser/Ray Kowalski
Characters - Diefenbaker, Benton Fraser, Ray Kowalski
Alternate Universe - Vampire, Community: ds_snippets | dsc6dsnippets

Explicit, No Warnings Apply

Summary: “Take it.” Ray shoves his wrist higher under Fraser’s nose, the scent of his blood enticing. “Your eyes -- you're fanged out –- drink!”

Words: 298

A Suitable Alternative (on AO3)

~ ~ ~

Finally, Goran Višnjić: So I've been watching Timeless... and, wow, guh, hot older 40 man. Like, Tyler Hoechlin-ish (almost complete with the eyes, though they don't light his eyes properly to highlight their strange color), but almost 20 yrs older. HOT. I'll have to go back and watch all the ER eps I never saw him in because after I became an RN I stopped watching all medical shows because everything is so medically inaccurate 99% of the time and MDs are continually shown doing stuff they never do which is almost always done by RNs (like administering chemo, drawing blood, starting IVs, chest compressions, giving resuscitation meds... I could go on... sure, the doctor orders the meds or whatnot and intubates the patient for resuscitation, but RNs will keep you alive until he/she gets you intubated).

But supposedly ER had an RN consultant for accuracy. So I might give it a shot now. Because Goran is muy caliente. I think the first thing I saw Goran in was Practical Magic with Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman, but even though he was hot in that, he was also violent and creepy. Maybe I should've watched more ER -- it had some critical
acclaim, iirc -- but I was too busy watching ST:TNG, X-Files, and BTVS (not to mention Forever Knight and due South in the 90s), lol.

Prime-time medical soap opera wasn't on my radar... if it's not scifi or supernatural, I gravitate to cop shows, it seems -- or vampire cop shows, lol, since slightly more than a decade after Forever Knight was cancelled, Moonlight came along with Jason Dohring and Alex O'Loughlin both playing vampires. Ironically, Moonlight was the first thing I saw
Abigail Spencer in, and now she is a lead character on Timeless, which is the show that has rekindled my lust for Goran Višnjić.

FULL CIRCLE! \o/ My ADD brain <3s that.
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Fandom-wise, I was not very active in 2016, but that's nothing new despite ongoing OT/PT for carpal tunnel and lateral epicondylitis since October. I managed some fic scattered across different fandoms. While I didn't finish the WIPs I wantedto finish, I finished a couple old ones, and with my lowered expectations for myself this past year, I am okay with that. I am surprised I wrote as much as I did. So, yay.

Population: 3 minus 1
Fandoms: Longmire (TV)
Words: 9,317
M/M, F/M/M
Tags: Walt Longmire/Henry Standing Bear, Martha Longmire/Walt Longmire/Henry Standing Bear, Long-Term Relationship(s), Grief/Mourning, Angst with a Happy Ending, Canon-Typical Violence, Explicit Sexual Content, Slow Build, OTP Feels, Threesome - F/M/M, Angst and Porn

Henry thought back to Walt silently drinking, his gaze a weight that repeatedly drew Henry's attention until the rest of the bar faded away, as if their stares at each other were the only thing in the world.

~ ~ ~

Breath and Blood for MK_Yujji (due South Seekrit Santa 2016)
Fandoms: due South
Words: 14,048
M/M, F/M
Tags: Teen And Up Audiences, Benton Fraser/Ray Kowalski, Benton Fraser/Victoria Metcalf, Alternate Universe - Supernatural Elements

Fraser seems to casually endanger his partners in wildly bizarre ways, as if he's bullet-proof &/or wearing a cape. Kowalski may have figured out why -- and also why Fraser doesn't always come out unscathed.

~ ~ ~

OMG, why aren't more people watching Longmire? I get that instead of a chronic low grade ongoing slashiness in every ep, Longmire instead has chronic barely-there slash with sudden spectacular eruptions in particularly slashy eps. But shows with less slashiness have garnered bigger slash fandoms. Maybe it is because both male leads are over 45 (or 50) years old and both have some gray hair, including gray chest hair on one of them? (and kudos for NOT waxing, dyeing, or weaving it!!) because the Tumblr crowd skews so young that old dudes are probably considered skeezy? I don't know. But ageism is alive and well in so many other areas of life and society, why not this one, too.
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Since my tendonitis/epicondylitis got a bit better, I tried to light a fire under my own ass to finish two long WIPs.

I posted on AO3 excerpts of two longer fics -- one a dS WIP(RayK/Stella, RayK/Sam Franklin, eventual Fraser/Kowalski), and one a TW WIP (Derek/Stiles).

Then I wrote a Teen Wolf/True Detective Derek Hale/Rust Cohle crossover... uh, whoops? But I feel they would understand each other, these two. They have both lost so much, had so much grief.

All are technically unbeta-ed, though the dS WIP has been beta-ed somewhat (thanks Ride_Forever!).

Just Act Normal
Fandoms: due South
Words: 11,588
M/M, F/M
Tags: Sam Franklin/Ray Kowalski, Ray Kowalski/Stella Kowalski,
Rimming, Anal Fingering, Anal Sex, First Time Blow Jobs, Sexual
Confusion, Bisexuality, Infidelity, First Gay Sex, Angst

Summary: Stella was gone. Sam was around. A lot. Ray realized pretty soon that he had a crush on Sam. A terrible, hopeful crush.

This Is What You Do (To Me)
Fandoms: Teen Wolf (TV)
Words: 2,163
Tags: Underage,
Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski
Masturbation, Voyeurism, Self-Denial, Come play

Summary: Derek's surprise visits usually involve shaking Stiles down for research. Anything else is an afterthought (chain-yanking). Stiles is fed up with it. So when he finds Derek in his room again, he shows him the door. Or, rather, window. At least, that was the plan.

Beautiful (Beast)
Fandoms: Teen Wolf (TV), True Detective
Words: 4,465
Tags: Rustin "Rust" Cohle/Derek Hale, Derek Hale, Laura Hale, Rustin
"Rust" Cohle, Blow Jobs, Anal Fingering, Anonymous Sex

Summary: "Show me," Rust murmurs. Derek lets his wolf out a little, just the eyes, the heavy brow, the fangs and sideburns. "Beautiful beast," Rust whispers. He slides down the back of the bathroom door to his knees. When he looks up with glassy eyes, Derek realizes it isn't just Rust kneeling at his feet. It's Rust and someone else. Rust has shifted, in his own way.
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So like a month and a half ago I started binge-watching Teen Wolf, which I had never seen before because I haven't had cable TV in forever. It was in my Amazon Prime video queue for like over a year; I merely waited because my first choice supernatural creature is vampires, not werewolves.

First few episodes hooked me, especially when the Derek/Stiles interaction began. What chemistry! Sadly, this may be the fastest I got into and then got disillusioned with a show ever (yay, streaming video and binge-watching? \o?). what the hell happened post-S3? and why I continued to watch: Stiles... and his hands and forearms )

So I went on AO3 to find Derek/Stiles fic and there are over 37,000 Derek/Stiles fics. stunned, I hunted for recs and found a sweet, hot story so good it ruined me for most Derek/Stiles fic by setting the bar pretty damn high. )

Despite the turns canonical TW take in S4 (apparently there's no Hoechlin in S5, wtf?), there's a happy place in my brain where slashy canonical moments in slashy shows live forever and create their own world (an AU HBO explicit slash world). It's not just my brain, of course; it's a collective happy place, which is what is so awesome about fandom in general. \o/

So of course I had to contribute to that world... I ficced Derek/Stiles. *facepalm* Like I need a new fandom of manboys so young they could literally be my kids. in which I have a new sympathy for old guys who helplessly lust after young women because apparently I'm a cougar-wannabe? )

Anyway the fic is Derek/Stiles, it's a little angsty, it's Stiles' POV, it's a first time (first everything), it's a zero-to-120mph in two seconds (well, one night) hella explicit story. further details on the fic, like sort of PWP but not really-ish )

Of course I feel guilty because I have a dS WIP that I've had for literally a year, and I'm stuck/writer's blocked on it, and should be working on that... and here I fic in a totally new fandom instead. Sigh!

FWIW my fic is The Devil You Know
...and here's a little excerpt/summary:

"So," Derek says like it's utterly obvious. (It's not, it's totally not). It's hard to know how to take someone you can't really read. Derek's tongue licks between Stiles' lips like all of this was never in question. (Was it? No, not really, because: Derek).

Now if only TPTB would allow the shaved/waxed hairless TW men and boys to either grow or show their chest hair. why must they all be hairless or hide their chest hair? is it the teen girl demographic or the gay aesthetic? )
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Here's a permissions thingy:

Blanket permission to podfic as desired. I would be incredibly flattered. Just link back.

Conditional permission to remix fic: Please no remixes into non-canonical kidfic or mpreg.
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(continued from Part 1 because x-posting from DW to LJ; the entire story is too big for one LJ post)


The next time everything was the same – coffee, talking, flirting, his lips pursing into a self-conscious, downward-glancing smile, her eyebrows lifting happily, just like the last time and the time before that and the time before that. Except this time there was no question: he knew something would happen between them. He just didn't know what.

This time he parked and they went up to her apartment. It went roughly the same, except instead of in the front seat of his fucking station wagon, it was on her Chesterfield.
She brought him up to her apartment, she made him tea, she sat him down on the Chesterfield. )
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Been reading through old fics on the old Windows partition of my Linux Thinkpad. Unfinished outnumbers finished probably 2 to 1, maybe 3 to 1. Sigh. Found this from 2009 -- not a good year for me. Based on the time-date stamp of the file, I started this a few months after my mother died. It's not exactly finished. It's not exactly unfinished. It is what it is, I guess, and probably as good as it's going to get. All errors are mine; un-beta-ed.

Ten Times Mike Didn't (And Once He Did)
~14,000 words; one shot; Mike/Nathalie; explicit-ish

She touched him first. It was a simple fact. Every time, she touched him first.


At first he was so lost in a fog of shock and numbness, he didn't notice. Audrey was so sick. Sadie was so tough – and so not. (He couldn't call her on it; he was doing the same damn thing, just three times older and male.) Maddie was bewildered, bereft, pretending in her own little fantasy world. He was supposed to be their rock.

But he wasn't the rock. He was never the rock. Audrey was the rock. He was just the boat that came back to the rock every night and sailed out every morning, the boat that wouldn't know what to do with itself without the rock to tether itself to. But Audrey. And Sadie. And Maddie. Needed. They needed. He hadn't realized how much he needed them not to need him, until they really needed him.

And so he didn't notice Nathalie's warmth. She seemed warm with everyone, and his numbness was a nearly impenetrable layer, a thick glove he wore stiffly, not really feeling the things he touched or came into contact with. He didn't notice the looks she shone on him, the soft break of her smile, her curving her body towards his as they sat next to each other in the folding chairs at the support group. Didn't see the flustered way her eyes met his and then dropped, looking anywhere and everywhere but him, and then, emboldened, back at him.

After they were already well down the road together, he looked back on the very beginning, wondering how he could have been so stupid, how he could have missed the importance of all of Nathalie's tells. They are in his mind, now, trapped in cool, cop detail: he recalls her movements and eyebrows and deepening dimples. They come to him like evidence, like video from a security camera, with no feelings attached, as if something in him merely filed the information away, refusing to invest it with meaning.
The warmth, the current between them came from Nathalie. It sure couldn't have come from him. He felt cold, and dead, and numb. )
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I'm hopelessly addicted to True Detective, and it's almost over *sob*. I guessed early around 1x01-1x02 (it wasn't difficult) the cause of the rift between Marty and Rust. But when it happened last night in 1x06 (NO SPOILERS) it was still ouch. Hot and fucked up, but, ouch. Read more... )

Comments welcome, and anyone who wants to beta, that would be lovely, as RL keeps me too busy to be a regular on any sites, except as an occasional reader.

Animus Engaged
True Detective, Rust/Maggie, NC-17 (very explicit, but not PWP), spoilers through 1x06

“Let me explain,” she says through the door.

“Why are you here, Maggie?” Rust replies without opening, though he knows why.

He presses his forehead against the door. He doesn't need her explanation. He is drunk, again – still? – still on suspension, still unable to pursue the investigation, can't get to his files. Can't go through Marty. Rust sets his jaw.

“Rust,” she pleads again through the door. “Please. I can explain.”

He doesn't need it, but he'd rather she not say it on his doorstep outside. He opens the door, lets her in, and shuts it behind her. He grabs the vodka bottle and moves to the other side of the room.
Read more... )
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Too windy and wild outside to sleep; rattling windows, outdoor security light keeps turning on due to moving branches in the line of sight of the motion detector. Can't sleep.

Got to resolve my behemoth S/E/D fic (with S/K/D) flashbacks. It's too big (472K text file). Too unwieldy (needs a beta, or two, or five). Starts too far in the past (Stefan & Damon's pre-Katherine childhoods). I intended a happy-ish ending, S/E/D riding off into the proverbial sunset together; it it isn't turning out that way; don't want to go in the direction it's headed. Just hoping to salvage something, even if only some short TVD fics. Very raw, unbeta-ed form with section divisions/notes.

Despite some very G-rated gen flashbacks to Stefan and Damon as children, this has to be NC-17 for all the other stuff: S/K/D, S/D, S/E, WARNINGS for incest slash, flashback child abuse/whipping (Guiseppe disciplining Damon), historical aspects of slavery, deaths, BDSM, orgasm denial, m/f/m threesome sex and sex on the rag.

Parts of this are little more than first drafts; others have been worked and reworked, so as a whole, it's rather uneven. :-\

Vulnerare - part one )

Huh. Now it is raining.
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I comment-fic-ed some TVD one-shots in late 2011. They were in softly-me's comment ficathon LJ, not my own LJ, so they didn't import to DW. Linking them here; will probably post them here in case the ficathon LJ ever goes away. The only slash here is Damon/Alaric. I miss Alaric, dammit! ;(

The third one listed here (non-sexual D/E, Devoted Moons) seems to have anticipated this season's tragedy, though I had no idea it was coming at the time I wrote it. Weird...
huge, long S/E/D story in the works )

  1. all men are monsters / craving the oblivion of blood Stefan, Damon. PG (no sex.) November 17, 2011. For ovariesofsteel's prompt: Stefan, Damon - "And those scars last; they become holes in people’s souls they work their whole life to fill.”
    Damon had had a completely different father than Stefan.

  2. Strangely Mournful Damon/Alaric NC-17. December 8, 2011.
    Can't recall/don't know what the prompt was for this, because the comment/prompt that prompted it was deleted for some reason...
    “Ric,” Damon begins. “I’m not incapable of remorse.”

  3. Devoted Moons Damon/Elena het but non-sexual. December 10, 2011.
    For verdant_fire's prompt:
    Hope was a letter I never could send
    Love was a country we couldn't defend

    There is the possibility of too much karma in the world.

    She was a rebellious, undeserving girl before ...everything.

    Now, after everything, she swallows the shit the world shovels her way because retaliation – hell, simple justified rage – might only anger the gods more. She must have done something in a previous life, she thinks. If she did enough to deserve what’s already happened, who knows what else she did that hasn’t been paid for yet.

    And there's only so much more that she can take.
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I had this weird feeling there was something in my LJ I forgot to do for like the last few weeks but I couldn't put my finger on what it was. Well, I realized I forgot to put here some snippets I originally wrote for [ profile] ds_snippets. (I like to keep my own copies in my own LJS of stuff submitted on other comms.) It's all slash. ETA: When I first posted this, I myself forgot the last two were DC/HCL, not DC/DS. *headdesk* Not firing on all cylinders. And this is BEFORE any Xanax today. *sigh* OTOH, maybe it's just my subconscious telling me to write DC/DS Mike Sweeney/RayK. Like I didn't have enough going on with [ profile] ficfinishing!

Snippet 1:
Title: Necessary Velocity
Fandom and Pairing: HCL, Joe/Billy
Rating: NC-17
Length: 283 words
Prompt: One hundred-eight – momentum, velocity, gravity, inertia, torsion

. . .when he's exhausted like this, Joe rolls with just about anything. )

Snippet 2:
Title: Zero to Sixty in Half a Sec
Fandom and Pairing: HCL/Durham County, Billy Tallent/Mike Sweeney
Rating: R
Length: 294 words
Prompt: along the brittle treacherous bright streets
of memory comes my heart, singing like
an idiot,whispering like a drunken man

(e.e. cummings)

Jenifur, collectively, prefer individual rooms. This suits Billy just fine. )
Snippet 3:
Title: All Bite
Fandom and Pairing: HCL/Durham County, Billy Tallent/Mike Sweeney
Rating: NC-17
Length: 300 words
Prompt: along the brittle treacherous bright streets
of memory comes my heart, singing like
an idiot,whispering like a drunken man

(e.e. cummings)

He just nods, dazed, feeling drugged, though he's years clean and sober. )
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So [ profile] ficfinishing is helping me finish my big Joe Dick/Jerry Bines HCL/FTWHTWD fic. I posted, as instructed (I'm trying to do all the suggested daily tasks) an excerpt from it over there. Um, if you read my stuff, you know there's always angst before the calm. ETA: As [ profile] rubberbutton pointed out (duh, V!), [ profile] ficfinishing is f-locked and you shouldn't have to join just to read it... so I'm pasting it here.

Any encouragement would be greatly appreciated at this time...

Edited scene from the middle of a Joe/Jerry sex scene. Joe freaks and bails.

They stare at each other across the short distance, Bines impassive but panting, Joe’s stomach still heaving. Breath snorts through their flaring nostrils like horses. Joe squirms out of Bines’ grasp, almost falling out of the bed. He jumps up, yanks up his pants. Slams out of the cabin. Stomps off into the woods. Leaves crunch beneath his boots. Read more... )
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I porned! With [ profile] lamentables' beta-ing, I porned DVI porn (Dominic/Patricia).

Normally, I'm not much of a gen/het person; I have written it, and probably will again, but I'm primarily a slasher.

But I find Dominic Da Vinci hot, compelling, vulnerable, and, um, hot. So pretty much anything he would do sexually I'm interested in. I'd have slashed him, but the prompt was for Patricia, so...

It's an excerpt of just the porny parts from a longer fic. But I'm hoping the excerpt communicates some angst, as well as total porn, because it's Dominic reminiscing about his past sex life with Patty. So it's porny angst. Or angsty porn.

So this is it: Until Then (Excerpt), Da Vinci's Inquest, Dominic/Patricia, prompts: work, hidden, again, affair (some of which are only covered in the long version, which isn't online yet) It's NC-17 of course, for graphic m/f sex including f-->m (but without the strap-on)

Thanks, [ profile] lamentables!

That is all.
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I meant to get these in on time for the [ profile] ds_snippets amnesty challenge, but for reasons that don't need exploring at this juncture, that didn't happen. So... bummer. So... they're here instead. Made possible by [ profile] akamine_chan, who graciously beta-ed.

they stood together--DS, G, gen, 265 words )

a huntress--DS, G, gen, 257 words )

return the favor/bitter reward--HCL/FTWHTWD, Joe/Jerry, NC-17, 277 words )
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...but I fucked up the cut tag html, initially, lopping off the first several lines... note to self: do not post fic while under the influence of Zanaflex when your eyes keep falling shut. Luckily, it seems to have worked even without those lines *headdesk* and got positive feedback anyway. (I am such a bonehead. sigh.)

And now I must jump in the shower & head off to work another night shift. Not enough time to reply to all the fb... that will come tomorrow AM after I get home. *heart swells* DS fans are so sweet.

ETA: I am *so* duhhhhh... I didn't even include a link to the snippet! D'oh!
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Well, my under-pressure, last-minute, scraped-together from porny drabbles (which wound up left out of the final story -- weird, since this is me I'm talking about) HCL/DS F/K, F/Billy xover AU deathfic story Don't Look Straight At It, with experimental non-narrative structure, has been revealed over at [ profile] ds_flashfiction. Yes, I have written deathfic. Egad. But it made it more angsty!

It ended up being more angsty without the porn. *ponders* Well, I wanted porn, but the story made me go in a different direction. Sensuality, check. Angst, tension, frustration, check, check, check. Fumbling awkwardness, check. Hm. I just thought of something: the climax of the story is a violent death. Shit, now I'm writing Hollywood blockbuster style. Damn. (just kidding)

April 11, 2012 ETA:

Okay, I don't know what happened, but the site where my Fraser/Billy Tallent, F/K story was archives has disappeared. Long story short, I downloaded it from the Way Back Machine and now it's available again. It is now available in a back-dated post just prior to this one (but created in 2012): Don't Look Straight At It.

Back to the original post...

I've asked [ profile] sageness to edit my author notes with additions to the betas. [ profile] secretlybronte and [ profile] jamethiel_bane to my Author's Notes on the official [ profile] ds_flashfiction note.

ETA: And then I wrote a ficlet called I'm Here. You're Here. They're Here. Touch Me." in gratitude for the dS Match coordinators, [ profile] sageness and [ profile] china_shop, because everything they did was so amazing. I never would've been able to pull all that together, and keep it on schedule and on track. (I'm pretty lame that way lately... all I can do is eat, sleep, show up to work, work, and very occasionally make it to see family or bf or friends. bf is getting very sick of this. I am sick, but... I'm also pretty fuckin' lame. What depression and grief will getcha.)

ramble about why I'm at home & not at work right now, yay, but boo because I'm still sick )


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