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So in the last 12 years when a ton of shit happened to me IRL (mostly repetitive strain injury-related, then a terrible combination of aging/sick parent related with job loss/layoff with returning to school/switching fields/careers), I fell of the Internet and out of fandom stuff for much of that time. I started to fall off around 2003-2004 due to severe bilateral tendinitis, and my absence was probably longest/participation was lowest from 2005 to around 2010 or 2011.

explanation of how I didn't know about terms like cis and non-binary and ace until I returned to online fandom and encountered these terms on Tumblr, with some history of my fannishness and love of slash and how the latter brought me into the former more than a couple decades ago )

But what do we call ourselves? Do we have a name outside fandom, in the larger world, or in academia or gender studies? Do women who love slash have a term specific just to the love of slash? (Was there ever an archaic term for this, like from centuries ago? because that would be so cool... though I doubt that women of yore were able to be "out"/open about how they felt about seeing two dudes together, at least not if they found it super-sexy and squee-worthy.)

If there is a term for "women who enjoy contemplating/imagining two men being romantically &/or sexually involved with each other," is that terminology dependent on how we identify sexuality-wise? (given that there seem to be as many LGBTQ women who dig slash as there are vanilla het chicks, possibly more, that seems unlikely)

Is liking slash it's own thing, separate and apart from gender and sexuality? (Are there male slash fen? who aren't LGBTQ? IDEK -- I truly don't. Would this term -- if one other than "slash fan/fen" exists -- apply to those guys as well as us females, or would any such terms distinguish between the genders of the slash-admirers?

Maybe cis and non-binary and ace are terminology formed within that particular confluence of university studies and fandom (that's certainly where I was and what I was doing when I got into fandom).

But "slash" was a term before people were able to get slash stories through email lists or off the 'net. (I am familiar with the history of the term "slash" and origins in fandoms like original ST or MUNCLE.)

Yaoi (as a term) became popular in the late 90s, but that more describes the genre itself, than us women who love it. (And I can't say I personally relate much to yaoi for the simple fact that 99.9 times out of 100, I am not into boy/boy or tween/tween m/m... For me personally, at least one of the "m"s in "m/m" has to be an actual adult man -- YMMV -- Plus I'm not a manga/anime fan, unless you count a crush on Racer X when I was about 6 years old... I totally ditched Speed Racer for Racer X *g*!).

While such a term might be specifically about fans who like to contemplate m/m romance/sex, I would think it Could not be exclusively about watching/contemplating m/m couples being romantic &/or having sex -- because so much slashfic in so many different fandoms is PG rated with no sex at all, or primarily portrays the m/m relationship as deep partnership/friendship expanding into the realm of more than platonic love, yet less than explicitly sexual.

So... It's an interesting question, and I really don't know the answer. This isn't the first time I've pondered this in the last several months... it's just that I finally bothered to post the question.

I suppose I am fine with the term "slash fan" -- I just wondered if there was another term.

(I do object somewhat to the term "slasher" even though it is most expedient, but only because of the potentially violent connotations of "slashing" and "slashers.")
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No, no, Starbuck!
Kara's mom reminded me a lot of my dad -- his stated efforts to "toughen" me up--
minor SPOILERS for last night's BSG ep )
Frakkin' tearjerker episode in ways I totally didn't expect. Good to have CKR/Leoben back... but would have preferred better circumstances.
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I keep telling myself... it's almost over, it's almost over, it's almost over... I passed pediatric nursing. I failed the final with a 70%, but I paC)ssed the class with a 77%. I have never worked so frakkin' hard for such a shitty grade: my one and only C in nursing school. boring crap about everyone getting Cs and us losing 2 more people )

I survived peds by (1) insane textbook reading, studying, review books, and practice questions and quizzes, and (B) watching about 4 hours of TV per week. Those 4 hours are inviolate. I don't talk on the phone, I don't try to read or study, I just watch my shows. The shows are BSG on Sunday night, Veronica Mars on Tuesday nights, Dirt after Veronica Mars, and CSI (LV) on Thursday nights. Oh, and I watched a bootleg DVD of Last King of Scotland Saturday night with my bf. I can see why Forest Whitaker (sp?) won the Oscar. I didn't watch any part of the Oscars. I read about them the next day in someone's newspaper.
complaints and praise about my shows this week so far )
And Veronica Mars. wtf, Logan!?! What happened to all that "lives ruined, blood shed" epic story stuff with Veronica? Now you're just whizz-bang done with Veronica, and already after Parker? Not even trying with Veronica? I admit, Veronica thinks she knows everything -- and she doesn't -- and her brittleness is starting to grate (has been). But you already know she's a hard sell and a tough cookie -- she always was! That's why you love her. Don't go for Parker. God. I mean, Parker's all right, but... eh, never mind.

I have no control over any of this... except in fanfic, of course. Of which I've written... almost none! Just about 2/3 of a HCL/FTWHTWD Joe Dick/Jerry Bines xover story, that I had to put away at the beginning of February. And I surprised myself: it's got pegging! I don't even know how that happened... it just took on a life of it's own, so I let it go where it wanted to go. I have to finish it; I dropped it at the beginning of February because, honestly, I couldn't do that and study peds too. Fortunately I'm told that psych nursing isn't too hard. So I feel the need to immediately slack and work on my story. Ironically, in our management class this afternoon, they lectured on time management and tools for overcoming procrastination and time-wasting: prioritize, set goals, break big jobs into smaller tasks, develop the habit of finishing things you start. Well. As soon as I heard that in the lecture, I immediately thought of all my WIPs and unfinished series and stories and whatnot. So it looks like I'll be applying time management to... the area of my life that least needs it.

Yay. Much rejoicing. :P
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Well. I finally updated a version of a story I wrote five freakin' years ago. I re-edited it to submit to the Writer's Contest for Zebracon 17. Which I barely attended because I was so damn busy with school (I just visited the dealer's room, and that was about it). (As I horribly was this past weekend). I was shocked as hell when I won 1st place! But then, I don't even know if people look at the DSA anymore. I've been so out of it for so long. And no one is reading this blog, anyway... it's more for me than for public consumption. I've been a diarist since, like, age 9... and I do tend to talk to myself, to think aloud.

The DSA Squidge archivist was so kind as to remove myold story and let me upload the newer version. I may yet get back into the swing of things, writing fanfic. I know Due South is dead and only had three seasons... but... but... it was such a great show. And so... inspiring of slash. Not that other shows aren't or weren't. And, hey, slash isn't all I want... smoldering, fucked-up impossible love (Buffy/Angel, Buffy/Spike) is always good. So is great UST ala Scully/Mulder. Angst, tension: bring it on.

But also, the funny shows. The weird shows. Dead Like Me. Lexx. I'm even considering writing something really obscure (as long as no one is looking, what difference does it make?): a Hard Core Logo/For Those Who Hunt The Wounded Down Joe Dick/Jerry Bines xover. I mean, no one will want to read this except someone from --but it's a challenge, and I've decided to set it during the time that Billy left and Joe was doing "some acoustic gigs" (or nothing, depending on whether you found his statement believable). I'm going to try to write that over xmas vacation. Which starts Dec. 13 for me and goes until Jan. 17. One blissful month to decompress from the hell of nursing school.
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