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I don't usually do memes, but I saw Ride-4ever's and thought, what the hey, I'll try it. The results are pretty all-over-the-place, probably because they span across dS, TW, True Detective, Moonlight, the Vampire Diaries, and Longmire fanfics -- two of which are crossovers.

Damon had found it early on while lazily snooping among Elena’s things in her room for signs of the depth of Stefan’s infatuation.

When he comes home for Christmas from college and Walt calls him and says they should get dinner, Henry's heartbeat accelerates and he feels his face warm.

They spend more time on the Rez than in Durant because the Rez is somewhat more tolerant and slightly less suspicious or panicked by one white boy on their land than whites are by a lone Indian boy.

It's dusk but there is still enough light to track and a full moon is on the rise.

They are chasing and tackling each other, then "wrassling" (as Walt's mother puts it) until one or the other gives in, buzzing with teen hijinks and the general good humor Walt exhibits more the farther from home he is.

The pounding on his door this close to sunrise startled Josef.

It was late, but Josef's vampire companions – the “up all night” party atmosphere – had eased Mick's discomfort with himself.

"There is a reason to have locks on doors," Henry murmurs.

Ray’s tiredness and color lately alarms Fraser.

Henry has done what he could to interrupt Walt's workaholic isolation, cautiously and platonically -- dropping off food, cajoling Walt to go hunting or fishing or just riding through the Bighorns.

Her hair was not wild and thick.

“You clear my schedule for the next hour?”

"That breakfast buffet was the only reason to go to that opening address, and it wasn't even good," Ray muttered, looking at the schedule of speakers, seminars, and breakout sessions for the next two days of the conference.

They get to wherever in the sticks of the bayou they're supposed to be.

It was one thing to be a rookie.

Exhausted from lacrosse practice, Stiles climbs the stairs up to his room slowly, his bookbag feeling like a ton of bricks.

"I'm telling you, they're natural enemies, Fraser," Ray grumbled from the couch, watching Dief walk over to Turtle's tank.

The failure of previous relationships to turn out like he'd hoped (let alone their tendency to turn out disastrously) has taught Derek to have exactly zero expectations from any encounter with anyone.

It is not Stiles' fault if he notices everything.

Tonight Ray will do it.
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