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I don't post political stuff much. But with the impending party conventions, I kind of feel I have to.

Sometimes in elections in the US (maybe much of the time?), you don't vote for a candidate so much as you vote against the other one -- essentially voting for the lesser of two evils.

First things first: I hate single issue politics and I try to not vote that way. But if it comes down two candidates with exactly the same platforms except one is pro-choice and the other is anti-choice, I'm voting pro-choice. Second, I would never vote for any politician just because she's a woman and I'm a woman. *shudder* Two words: Sarah Palin.

So. Hillary.

I don't love Hillary.

Hillary is a highly competent politician with decades of experience -- which makes her a female member of the Old Boys Network, unlikely to reform anything. She is an experienced stateswoman -- which also means she will likely uphold the status quo and the same foreign policies as her predecessor.

(Just as Obama, despite his campaign promises, "continues to embrace many of President George W. Bush’s practices", ensuring my tax dollars go for things like mass data collection of US citizens, drone strikes on civilian targets and civilians, e.g., hospitals/schools... As if it isn't bad enough that my tax dollars previously went to the W. Bush administration's second US war for oil -- after the first war for oil his daddy, H. W. Bush, started in the 90s in Kuwait. How many fucking wars for oil must we start? I guess there's no limit when you're a Republican president with oil industry cronies using a taxpayer-funded military to protect and further corporate interests!)

So what makes Hillary a great, experienced candidate also makes her more of the same old, same old -- the biggest thing about her I don't like.

(I don't even give a shit about her private email server -- or Fox News' hysteria about it. Considering that the CIA Director has been hacked, the FBI has been hacked (multiple times), and the IRS has been hacked, why should Hillary be held to a stricter standard? Was her server hacked? No? Then shut the fuck up about it. Even if it was hacked, so were the FBI and the CIA Director. Why didn't they get all this vitriol? Double standard. Big surprise.)

The bottom line is this: Trump is an evil idiot -- a megalomaniacal, racist, anti-choice misogynist with no political experience whatsoever, who is not self-made, but born into wealth and inheritance. He's such a great businessman (which doesn't equate to statesman at all), that his companies have declared bankruptcy 4 times. Now he's accused of underage rape and assault from when he was palling around with his convicted pedophile friend Jeffrey Epstein in the 90s (about whom Trump says only nice things, naturally). (Epstein was also friends with Bill Clinton, though Trump can't use that information against Hillary's campaign without Mutual Assured Destruction.)

Trump has no political experience whatsoever and when asked, "when he was a swinging bachelor in Manhattan, was he ever involved with anyone who had an abortion?", he sidestepped the question (scroll about 1/2-2/3 down to see how). Meaning, of course he did -- he probably paid for their abortions to avoid future paternity suits and any illegitimate claims to his fortune.

How do pro-life/anti-choice assholes like this withstand the cognitive dissonance (read: hypocrisy) in their brains without their heads exploding?

And how is it that, well into the 21st century, people with penises still have legislative say in many (if not most) states over what uterus owners do with them? Is the United States just doomed to always be the pro-death-penalty, anti-abortion, gun-toting, redneck conservative of the developed world? Apparently.

The argument I've heard from otherwise intelligent people who say they don't like Trump (which I don't believe) but will vote for him anyway is delusional, wishful-thinking bullshit. "I'm voting for Trump because if he's elected, it will bring down this fucked-up political system."

Newsflash: No, it won't. Trump winning won't "bring the system down" anymore than Bernie Sanders winning would have. If Trump wins, 'the system' will limp along with four years of gridlock like it always does when the elected president faces a House &/or Senate composed of majority opposition.

So now we've got Trump's new VP candidate running mate, Mike Pence. Aside from being anti-choice/anti-reproductive rights/another religious misogynist -- he is also a climate change science denier, believes creationism/intelligent design theories are "facts" that should be taught in schools alongside evolution, and voted against legislation allowing the FDA to regulate tobacco products (see this Popular Science article. He's evil and -- unlike Trump -- has a proven political track record (albeit only at the state level) of enacting his religious and corporate convictions into law.

Fuck these two assholes. ANY Democrat Pres/Vice Pres team is better than these two.

So. I don't love Hillary. I don't even like her much. But I'm voting for her. Anything else is a vote for Trump, and that I will not do.

As in most previous presidential elections since my very first one (1988), I will be voting for the VIABLE lesser of two evils -- the presidential (and vice presidential) candidate whose values, while not exactly the ones I desire in a president, at least somewhat overlap with and intersect with mine, and who has the best chance to win.

That's Hillary.

Funny how the viable lesser of two evils (by FAR) always ends up being a Democrat, even though I never meant to be a straight ticket, single party voter like my parents -- in fact I vowed I wouldn't be.

But while I have occasionally voted for independent/third party (e.g. Green Party) candidates (never at a national level, only in local or state elections), the office of President is too important -- and independent/third party/write-in candidates too non-viable -- to just hand it over to the Republicans by voting for anyone other than the Democratic presidential candidate opposing the Republican presidential candidate.

Especially now.
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