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I got an email a couple weeks ago about an online "summit" about fibromyalgia, with fibromyalgia experts. There were to be daily "talks" which you could watch as video or audio only for free, but only on the days those talks occurred.

Against my better judgment, I signed up for it. But it was the same old shit in brand new drag -- everything offered was just to link you to other stuff they wanted you to pay for from these same "experts." I listened to only the first day, which did not tell me anything I did not already know (and that you couldn't find by carefully searching the 'net and vetting the sources) -- and then I unsubscribed.

Now, of course, you can buy the whole summit for $140. Assholes. I sure as hell wouldn't spend $140 on their recycled information! because 1.5 massages or 3.5 chiropractice adjustments would do me way more good -- for the same amount of money!

Soaking people in chronic severe pain -- we who have already spent thousands of $$ on all kinds of over-the-counter, non-prescription pain and inflammation remedies and complementary and alternative treatments like massage, chiropractice, acupuncture and herbalists (most of which is NOT covered by insurance if you're lucky enough to have it) -- for yet more money just makes my blood boil.

The fact that it's often done by complementary/alternative practitioners makes me even angrier.

And the few MDs who purport to do research but then offer links to this crap on their web sites (and/or sell overpriced supplements of their own manufacture or with their name on them or their stamp of approval) completely invalidate and de-legitimize what little research they have done by revealing their own profit motive. I'm sure they get a cut for offering the links!

They talk about how mainstream medicine has downplayed FM and has yet to offer any definitive diagnostic criteria, or treatment or cure -- yet they're just as bad, in a different way.

It just really fucking pisses me off. Grrrrr!

Date: 2016-07-02 02:52 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] lucifuge5
This is legit fucked up, V.! >:(


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